GLOBAL news coverage

The launch received significant coverage in International Media outlets:

Hundreds of global faith leaders call for ban on LGBT+ conversion therapy – Reuters, December 16th 2020

Religious leaders call for global ban on so-called gay conversion therapies – CNN, December 16th 2020

Hundreds of Religious Leaders Call for End to L.G.B.T.Q. Conversion Therapy – New York Times, December 16th 2020

Hundreds Of Religious Leaders Call For LGBTQ ‘Conversion Therapy’ Ban – Huffington Post, December 16th 2020

Religious leaders urge global decriminalisation of LGBT+ people – Irish Times, December 16th 2020

Jewish figures join over 300 religious leaders urging ‘conversion therapy’ ban – The Times of Israel, December 16th 2020

More than 300 religious leaders urge ban on ‘conversion therapy’ – Business Times (Singapore), December 16th 2020

Global faith leaders call for ban on LGBT+ conversion therapy and support same-sex relationships – Hindustan Times (India), December 16th 2020

‘Harmful practices’ of gay conversion therapy should be banned, religious leaders say – The News & Observer (North Carolina), December 16th 2020

Homophobia Is Not an Asian Value. It’s Time for the East to Reconnect to Its Own Traditions of Tolerance – TIME, December 17th 2020

Religious Leaders Call for Ban on “Conversion Therapy” – Democracy Now, December 17th 2020

More than 370 international spiritual leaders call for ban on ‘conversion’ therapy – The Hill, December 17th 2020

Global Religious Leaders Call for a Ban on Conversion Therapy – MetroWeekly (Washington), December 17th 2020

Over 370 International Spiritual Leaders Call For Ban On LGBT ‘Conversion’ Therapy – BW Business (India), December 18th 2020

LGBT conversion therapy: Religious leaders call for ban to ‘abhorrent’ practice – Deutsche Welle (Germany), December 18th 2020

A Long Overdue Apology – BELatina, December 18th 2020

As well as in many Religious Media outlets:

Interfaith declaration seeks forgiveness for harm caused to LGBT people – Church Times, December 16th 2020

Faith leaders plead forgiveness from LGBT+ community – The Tablet, December 16th 2020

Hundreds of world faith leaders ask LGBT+ community for forgiveness– Jewish Chronicle, December 16th 2020

McAleese joins interfaith group to call for change in same-sex laws – Catholic Herald, December 16th 2020

OTN patrons sign global interfaith declaration on ‘the sanctity of life and the dignity of all’– Open Table, December 16th 2020

Two campaigns launched to ban ‘conversion therapy’ – Baptist News Global, December 22nd 2020


And Finally…

 BBC R4 Sunday Programme covered the story of the launch on December 20th 2020, interviewing Dr Mary McAleese and Jayne Ozanne (listen at 10:20)